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Binary Trading – The Rock Star of the Financial World

Fast, easy, and one of the most popular types of financial dealings, binary trading has attracted many people. There are currently hundreds of brokers on on-line platforms such as that caters to it. Traders can place their ‘bids’ from their home computer or while on the go, using their mobile phones. The sky is the limit here.

Is it legal ?

Though binary options have been present on the market for a long time, many people are somewhat concerned about the legality of such ventures. Binary options can only exist as a consequence of the transparency of prices, and due to certain regulations. It is safe to say that this particular form of trading is legal in the entire EU territory. Brokers here have licences from a number of regulatory bodies, AMF in France, CONSOB in Italy, and CySEC in most countries. This means that the said broker is obligated to abide by the stated laws in the country they are regulated in, otherwise, they will face the consequences.

Regulations in the UK

Brokers in the UK are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This agency, that is completely independent of the government, can either take away or give licences. It has the authority to suspend brokers that have a fraudulent behaviour. Therefore, the FCA is to be contacted if you have previously encountered one such broker.

This being said, if you are considering engaging in binary trading, you need to choose a good, registered broker. As searching for the best one in the extremely large pool can be a daunting process, you will be relieved to know that platforms such as, have lists of great, fully regulated brokers. Picking the right one from the list will only be based now on welcome bonuses and percentages.

The pros of binary trading

  • Less anxiety than in the case of regular trading-

This is because you do not have to buy an asset and then wait for the best time to sell it for a good profit. You only need to predict if its value will either increase or decrease to a target period.

  • Quick money –

If you play it smart, you can increase your capital in a matter of minutes. There are also many brokers that have an option of a weekly payoff from 500%.

  • Easiness –

Binary trading is pretty straightforward, eliminating the multitude of variables classical trading is based on. No more correlations and complicated time frame to consider.

  • No fees –

This entire system is based on a payoff/ rebate backbone.

  • No margin call –

You are only allowed to use the exact sum you have in your account, eliminating any potential fortune loss in case the market is not favourable to you.

The cons of binary trading

  • There is risking –

There is a level of risk as with every single form of trading. This is why it is advisable you have a certain amount of knowledge regarding the asset you are involved in.

  • There are few trading tools –

As most ‘dashboards ‘ do not have a support system to carefully guide you, you might be flooded with adrenaline and react too quickly to what you see.

All in all, the best way to engage in binary trading are to ease yourself into the process and practice on a demo account before you dive into. After all, practice makes perfect.

Fix, improve, but don’t sell

Predicting the future is a skill very few possess, but since the worldwide dip in the global economy in 2008, there have been significant changes to the reasons people borrow money, and the manner in which financial institutions lend it, and it would be safe to say, it seems, that some of these trends are here to stay.  At least for the short to medium term.

One of the most significant trends has been observed in the home loans market.

There has been a steady downswing in applications for home loans, and due to job losses and much smaller annual increases in salaries, people have not been able to qualify for home loans to match the property values of the homes they have been interested in buying.

For this reason, home owners have been more inclined to taking loans or extending their mortgages to effect improvements to their homes rather than selling and buying a new home.

It would seem that adding on a bedroom, or revamping the bathroom or kitchen, at a fraction of the cost of a new home loan, is enough to get people to stay in their homes for the longer term.

The spill-over effect to the construction and renovations companies has been vast.  Garden landscaping, painting and resurfacing of homes, and re-roofing have become some of the most common reasons people are lending money from the UK loans market.

The recessionary behaviour of the global money markets has also necessitated that the average middle-class family is expanding in the sense that older family members are selling their homes and moving in with their children because they can no longer afford to pay the mortgages or maintain the homes they live in.

There is a general consolidation taking place.  People are downscaling and lowering their personal debt burden to be able to maintain a reasonable lifestyle.

Homeowners are also approaching their home loan financial institutions for re-evaluations of their properties and re-negotiating fixed interest rate loans.  As the shifts in the lending markets have been happening progressively over almost a decade, it seems that the institutions are becoming more open to these requests from their customers, rather than risking losing customers to competitors in the financial industry.

The emergence of a new wave of financial products providers in the private sector has put tremendous pressure on traditional banks to relook at their offerings to customers and to move forward with new ways of doing business.

In the spirit of “Supply and Demand”, the demand for more favourable lending terms has put enough pressure on the loans market to shape it into something new, and to open doors for consumers to not only have access to a broader range of products that can be tailor-made to fit their specific needs, but that also need to comply with more stringent regulations to ensure the consumer is engaged in a fair play situation with their financial institution at all times.

The individual has far more negotiating power today than ever before, and, in many ways, this will benefit consumers as a whole.

UK 12 month loans company | New

Nowadays, a number of necessities as well as obligations take you to complete broken financial condition and you hardly meet the needs of the home and family. In such cases the 12 month loans a best way to meet your needs of time. 12 month loans are available to you and you can repay them easily and simply. Moreover, you can get them over short interest rate. The 12 month loans are for you to meet your requirements that you cannot do by your regular salary.

Cash for urgent situation is highly stressful and demanding, more than ever when your funds and savings cannot cover the entire amount of money you necessitate. It may an unpredicted bill or an important home repair or something related to function or event coming up. At the time when you are financially broken, a number of companies present easy payment plans so that you do not require paying the entire bill instantaneously. In case, if a repayment plans from the companies are not the accurate options, a 12 month personal loan may be a cooperative alternative.

You can meet your extra expenses by applying for 12 month loans online. They offer you instant loan as 12 month loan which is to repay as your salary conditions. Moreover the loan is provided within short period of time. You can get the loan in 10 minutes after submitting your application. Once they review your application and if they found you meeting their criteria they will transfer the 12 month loan into your account. You can apply for money loan to cover up your emergency needs and you can repay them in 12 months easily and comfortably.

The 12 month loan is available to you from £ 1000 to £ 5000 with £1 increment. So it is recommended to consider your financial conditions before applying for the 12 month loan. Moreover, you must make sure that you can repay the loan in the fixed period and you are confident to repay the loan.

You can get 12 month loan according to your budget and financial income. The terms and conditions are flexible and you can get easy affordable repayment plans. The companies offer fixed monthly repayment plan throughout the year depending upon your financial conditions.

The most important thing is that you in the busy modern life you can reach for 12 months loan twenty for hour a day seven days a week. You just need to go online and fill the application form inquiring necessary things for loan payments. When the application is approved the amount is transferred into your account within 10 minutes and you can easily manage you bills an extra expenses that rise up due to unexpected functions or events.

To conclude, the 12 months loans are an alternate option available to you to meet you extra expenses easily. You can get them within short period of time and can repay them according to your monthly budget.

Logbook Loans for Bad Credit

A Logbook loan is one of the best loans one can get when they have a bad credit rating. This is because with this kind of loan, anyone can be able to apply regardless whether he or she has a good or bad credit rating. Logbook loans are classified as secured loans. This means that it is secured against your vehicle. This is one of the most popular secured loans in the United Kingdom, especially that most people there own a vehicle. This kind of loan is also a good choice if you need money immediately, and you own a vehicle. To be able to get this kind of loan, you need to have a vehicle. With having a vehicle, it means that you are the rightful and legal owner of the car. It does not matter whether the vehicle you own is a truck or a car because it usually depends on the agent, who will be there to check and verify if your vehicle will be subject to approval with regards to your application. There are many companies that offer logbook loans because it is really used by many people especially in UK.

Logbook loan is also one of the simplest and easiest kinds of loan you will ever have to apply for. All you need is to fulfill the requirements needed and as long as you are on the right age, your application will be processed. You may not need to have a good credit rating history but you need to prove that you can pay your necessary repayments when getting this kind of loan. However easy it may seem, it is also risky. This is because in case you fail to make your repayments, your vehicle will be sold or seized from your possession. The logbook, which is the legal documents that your vehicle has, will be with the lending company’s possession.

You will still be able to use your car, but the documents will be in the possession of the company so should you fail with your repayments it will affect your possession of the car. Although secured loans like logbook loans have lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans, you need to know why it would be the best loan choice for you. You should bear in mind that you only need to get a loan if you know you can pay the repayments needed. Worse is that if you fail to make your repayments, then you may lose your car. Also, you can get worse credit card rating, which will also affect your loan in the future. This logbook loan is proven to be effective which means that many people have successfully gotten their borrowed money with this kind of loan. Also in logbook loans, you can borrow more money compared to other kinds of loans. In some cases, the term of repayment may be longer compared to unsecured loans. Check this site to know more about logbook loans and if you are eligible to apply for this kind of loan.

My car was about to be sold

I have been wondering if someone has also come across with the same issue and if so then what they did for the coercive action. I am a sales person in a reputed company; due to my excessive use and late payments on my credit card; I got a bad credit history.

It was my bad luck that I had to face some issues with my health and had to be admitted in the hospital; the dues of the hospital were huge and since it needed money at urgent basis; I had to opt for the logbook loan from logloans.

I didn’t listen to the people about having any loan in first attempt and getting it approved as a result of simple agreement to the condition blindly. As far as I remember told me clearly that in case of nonpayment or late payment I will have to suffer with the car loss. Well, honestly I didn’t bother on that. I processed the loan and got the money in 2 working days and then started my treatment. After one month the payment was due so when the cheque got bounced back I received a call from the bank; stating that I don’t have money in the payment account. Now I was in big trouble. After five days of regular warnings, tow my car and I don’t have a vehicle now. I understand I am defaulter and it is my mistake, I never thought that some serious action will be taken, but I was wrong. But I had a question if there was any way out that I can take back my car. The answer was yes; if a logbook loan has been defaulted, the creditor can still take back the car. In case of delay in the payment, they wait for a minimum of five days after the account has defaulted. This is taken as a grace period and in case of failure and as per agreement take your car away. However this issue is not reported to the court; neither they approach the court for defaulter registration of the client.

Your car will be taken in any case if you make this negligence; the situation depends on you. If you again start paying the money you will have to pay some extra charges as a fine. However if the vehicle is taken, declaring a permanent defaulter problem it goes into auction process. If the sale price at auction is not enough to cover the whole debt, you’ll have to pay the “remaining amount” out of your own pocket. In other case, if the sale price of the vehicle is more than the total you owe, the difference must be paid back to you.

I hope this clarifies the problem and you still have time to take back your car. I had to pay additionally for the car, but my strong advice is; don’t miss any installment I any case; otherwise logbook loan which is a blessing, can push you into a trouble.

Getting credit in the UK

The credit and debt industry in the UK contains several variants of loans as well as criteria on which to assess whether a person is worthy of giving a loan to or not. However, the types of loans can be broadly divided into three categories on the basis of the duration of the re-payment.

The long term loans are obviously the ones with the longest re-payment plan and can last for a minimum of 24 months. The disadvantage of this type of loan is that you have to pay a higher interest amount. Short term loans are those which have a maturity period of 12 months. And lastly, there are the payday loans which have a re-payment period of only two weeks. As compared to the other two, short term loans have always been the more preferred option as it combines the advantages of both long term and payday loans while having very few disadvantages of its own. is one such firm which specializes in 12 month loans and is a reputed company in the field.

Speedy loans through 12 Loans

12 Loans is a loan facilitating platform which has its own team of dedicated professionals who study the financial condition and credit rating of the individuals who apply to them for loan disbursal. Since 12 month short term loans are generally preferred by those who are facing an emergency or who have a grand event to plan in the near future, the company makes sure that the loans are given in the shortest possible time. In fact, in some cases, the applications are approved almost immediately and money is credited to the account of the borrower before he can even reach the bank.

Convenient re-payment schedule

Re-payment schedule can be decided by the borrower himself. For example, he can choose to pay the instalments at the beginning of the month, in the middle of the month, at the end of the month or even twice a month. is a company which takes care of the interests and convenience of the borrowers so that the best re-payment schedule can be worked out.

Lower interest rate

Although the fees charged by 12 Loans is variable according to the amount of loan, re-payment schedule and credit rating, it is still guaranteed to be much lower than the interest rates charged by banks for the same amount of loan. In fact, in several cases, 12 Loans does not charge any fees or interest at all.

The IVA Application Process and Where to Apply

First, you need to determine whether an IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement) is right for you or not. Other articles at this site have hopefully given you information regarding that, and a consultation with an IP (Insolvency Practitioner) will give you further insight into its benefits and possible disadvantages for you. As you have found this article, then we at IVA Pros are most likely the most convenient provider for you, and as we work with a great many IPs, we feel that the first step in the application process is for you to see and speak with us.

In seeing and speaking with your IP, you will need to provide paperwork that verifies the things that are needed. This paperwork will most likely be such things as:

  • Proof of income, as shown on recent bank statements, pay slips or benefits letters.
  • Proof of savings, such as bank, investment or life insurance statements
  • Proof of obligations, such as your credit card, personal loan and store card statements
  • Your mortgage documentation or rent agreement, or details from them
  • Information on your valuable property, such as your home, car, artwork and how much each is worth
  • A budget sheet showing all of your income and expenses, ideally for at least the past month. From this, you and the IP can determine the amount of spare income that you have. As noted elsewhere at this site, you ought to have at least £100 per month in spare income in order to obtain the Individual Voluntary Arrangement plans.

You must be open and honest with your IP in your circumstances, assets and income. In this way, your IP can work with you to your maximum benefit. If you are not open and honest, and withhold information or provide misleading information then it is not only ethically bad but also legally bad. You could be fined (which is certainly something that you do not need in your current, financially adverse situation) or even sent to prison (which you never want, no matter what your situation).

The IP will then be able to accurately provide all your options that you have. It is important to remember that although an IVA is frequently your best option, it is not your only option. As a doctor does, your IP will advise you regarding the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

In your current situation, you may be getting threatening phone calls, letters, emails or messages from your creditors, and they may have even begun taking legal action against you, or forcing you to declare bankruptcy. Your IP may seek an interim order from the court stopping your creditors from taking further steps against you while the IVA is being created and finalized. In practice though, a request for an adjournment of the court action is usually sufficient to provide you with peace of mind.

There will then be a further analysis of your assets, income and debts. There is always great leeway in terms of assets that can be included in the agreement or contract. If you own and reside in a home then you can generally keep that–it is never to anyone’s benefit to force you to be homeless. However, if you own a vacation home then you may need to sell that. On the other hand, if you derive rental income from it then you can generally keep it. Similar are cars or other vehicles that you own. You may need to sell it but if you need it to get to work then you ought to be able to keep it, and it ought not to be included in the agreement.

However, you do need to show, include and prove that you have sufficient moneys or income to repay what you are obligated to pay. Moreover, it has to be realistic for all the parties (you and the creditors) involved. If you show that you have £900 per month in spare income but want to pay back only £200 per month then your creditors may not agree to such an agreement.

The legal and court-related activities will then begin. The IVA will show that you agree to repay your creditors in part or in full over a period of time that is usually three to five years. There will also be an inclusion of a full financial statement, showing the details of your income, properties, assets as well as your debts. The IP will provide reasons why the IVA is mutually beneficial, and that the creditors will receive more from the IVA than they would if you were forced into bankruptcy.

Throughout all of this, it is important to heed the advice of your IP. It is important for two reasons. The first reason is that your IP is an educated expert and is a lawyer or accountant, so s/he knows what s/he is doing. The second reason is that if you go against the advice of your IP and insist on including certain terms, features or requests in the IVA then your IP may recommend to the court that your IVA be rejected. This will have not only wasted a lot of time, effort and money, it may also cause you to resort to the usually less-desirable option of bankruptcy.

The creditors will then be presented with the proposed IVA, and will agree to it or reject it. This is done usually at a meeting in the office of your IP. You do not have to be physically present at this meeting, as you can choose to take part in a teleconference or videoconference. However, it is almost always better to be there in person so that you can present a human face to your situation, and to better plead for the creditors to agree on the IVA.

It is not necessary for all of your creditors to agree to the IVA; only a sufficient number and usually those who hold the larger amounts of your obligation. If these people do agree then the proposal is accepted, is reported to the court, and then becomes a legally-binding agreement on all the parties, including you and even on any creditors who rejected the proposal.

To begin your Individual Voluntary Agreement; simply contact us at IVA Pros.

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